South Shore High School Class of 1957

Reunion in Chula Vista, California in the San Diego area (11 attendees)
Saturday November 7, 2009
Our awesome math teacher Roberta Tugenberg hosted this event!
Dinner was at Romano's Macaroni Grill
(The pictures with gold borders are "thumbnails".  Click on them to see a larger version.
Photos by Allen Rosenston, Sara Zaremberg & Doug Malewicki.)

he 11 attendees
Allen & Karey Rosenston
(out from Chicago area)
Sara (Peal)& Craig Zaremberg
Dennis & Fay Flanzer
Bobbie Tugenberg
Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin
Doug & Karen Malewicki

Bobbie Tugenberg with Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin.

Sara & Craig Zaremberg

Denny & Fay Flanzer. Today is their 44th Anniversary! 

You know who - before she gave up her Hollywood stardom to teach at South Shore High School!

Bobbie Tugenberg with Karen Malewicki

Karen & Doug Malewicki.

Sara & Craig Zaremberg (Allen Rosenston jumped into the shot at the last second).

Beth, Denny, Craig, Jerry & Fay 


Anniversary gal Fay Flanzer with Sara.

Our Chicago visitor & photographer - Allen Rosenston. (So where are some pictures of wife Karey?)

Karen & Doug

The gang at Romano's Macaroni Grill

L-R: Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin, Bobbie Tugenberg, Karey & Allen Rosenston,
Fay & Denny Flanzer, Craig & Sara Zaremberg and Doug & Karen Malewicki

Bobbie with Karey & Allen Rosenston

Fay & Denny Flanzer with Craig & Sara Zaremberg.

Talk about every one overdoing it on their warm bread!  Mmmmm!!

There are no pictures of us drinking the house Chianti! 

This is in honor of Dr. Rich & Jacquelyn Snyder (our "all the time" fine wine sponsor) who could not make it down to San Diego for this mini.

Back to Bobbie's home for some Flanzer Anniversary cake!

Back at the house.

Denny & Fay Flanzer - the 44th Anniversary kids!

Bobbie, Jerry & Beth

Happy Denny & Fay.

Time for a group photo?

Beth & Dr. Jerry

Allen with munchies, Karen & Doug and Denny


Beth & Jerry.


Sunday's stop at Dana Point Harbor

He's watching us!

Across from the Wind & Sea restaurant

Some cool rock art on the breakwater entrance to the Harbor

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50th Reunion Co-Chair Contacts:

Al Telser, PhD
1704 Cleveland Street
Evanston, IL 60202
Allen Rosenston
45 Prairie Park Drive, #409
Wheeling, IL 60090
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