South Shore High School Class of 1957

Reunion in Anaheim Hills, California (16 attendees)
Saturday September 26, 2009

Sara (Peal) & Craig Zaremberg hosted our annual afternoon BBQ reunion party - again!
(The pictures with gold borders are "thumbnails".  Click on them to see a larger version.
Photos by Doug Malewicki.)

he 16 attendees

Sara (Peal)& Craig Zaremberg
Dennis & Fay Flanzer
Dr. Rich & Jacquelyn Snyder
Bobbie Tugenberg
Maxine (Mazursky)Young
Jerry & Bobbi Vinet
Rich & Penny Brown
Mark & Rita Geller
Doug & Karen Malewicki

Birthday boy #1 - Denny & Fay Flanzer.  Denny was 70 on September 21st!

Birthday boy #2 - Dr. Rich & Jacquelyn Snyder.  Rich will be 70 on September 7th!

Rich's sports shirt is "C" for Chicago Bears , NOT "C" for the Cubs (Little did some of us remember after 52 years.) 

Host Sara Zaremeberg with our SSHS trigonometry teacher - Roberta (Bobbie) Tugenberg, Maxine (Mazursky) Young  & Karen Malewicki

Bobbie, Maxine and Denny looking over the Class of 1959 reunion book made by Debbie Lange, who also does their website:

Debbie modeled their Class of 1959 reunion book after the one Maxine made for our 45th reunion! 

In his wonderful and much appreciated tradition for at least 5 years now, Dr. Rich Snyder brings fine wines for the rest of us to enjoy!

Fay Flanzer, Bobbi Vinet and Maxine. 


Host Sara Zaremberg with Jerry Vinet.

Mark & Rita Geller.

Rich & Penny Brown.

Jerry & Bobbi Vinet.

Doug & Karen Malewicki.  (Doug is the "old" guy in the group - 70.5 in two more days.  Boo Hoo!)

El Supremo BBQ Chef Craig

It's TIME!

In the dining room - L to R.
Rita Geller, Sara, Denny, Bobbie, Max and Fay.

Le gourmet 70th birthday dessert. The photos were Karen's idea.  (Debbie Lange will note that SSHS symbols from her Class of 59 reunion book were swiped by Doug!)

Once side celebrated Dr. Rich Snyder's 70th!

The other side celebrated Denny Flanzer's 70th!.

Group photo of the gang

Dr. Rich & Jacquelyn Snyder,
Craig & Sara Zaremberg,
Rich Brown,
Rita & Mark Geller,
Bobbie Tugenberg,
Penny Brown,
Bobbie Vinet,
Karen Malewicki,
Fay Flanzer and
Maxine Young

Denny Flanzer,
Doug Malewicki,
Jerry Vinet


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