South Shore High School Class of 1957

Friday, Saturday & Sunday - January 26, 27 & 28, 2007
50th Reunion Prequel Party in Anaheim Hills, CA
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Many thanks to our gracious hosts for the weekend - Craig & Sara (Peal) Zaremberg
Friday Night - January 26th - at Sara's home and then to The Macaroni Grill

The welcome desk with name tags at Sara's home.

Doug Malewicki, Beth Brodkin, Maxine (Mazursky) Young, Dr. Jerry Brodkin,  Roberta Tugenberg & Sara

Karen Malewicki, Beth, Maxine & Dr. Jerry

Bob Tugenberg & Craig Zaremberg

Then off for dinner at
The Anaheim Hills
Macaroni Grill

Craig & Sara (Peal) Zaremberg

Sara & Karen Malewicki

Karen & Doug

Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin

Sharon (Seaman) and Dr. Jerry Hoffman

Sharon, Jerry & Bob Tugenberg

Our SSHS57 math teacher, Roberta Tugenberg with Maxine (Mazursky) Young
Saturday afternoon -January 27th - at Sara's home

Denny - Sorry for chopping your head off.  Had to focus on your sexy black Porsche Boxster S!

Karen Malewicki & Fay Flanzer

Dr. Jerry Brodkin, Fay Flanzer & Beth Brodkin

Jerry Vinet, Doug Malewicki& Al telser

Jerry Vinet

Mary & Oakey Dowling (class of January 1958) came down from the San Francisco Bay area.  Oakey and Doug Malewicki were on the Tars football team together.  Oakey was "the feared lineman" and still is an avid Oakland Raiders fan.  Now an estate attorney in San Rafael, CA.

Karen, Mary, Bobbi Vinet & Sara.

Dr. Rich Snyder showed up with his old High School letter sweater (& a Chicago Bears necktie!)

Oakey & Rich reminisce.

Al, Oakey, Rich, Sara, Crauig, Karen, Fay & Katie Telser

Denny Flanzer, Jerry & Beth Brodkin, Karen Telser, Mary Dowling and Bobbi Vinet.

Oakey brought gifts for Sara, Roberta Tugenberg & Doug.  Caryn Amster's Pied Pied of South Shore book - signed by the author.
Saturday night -January 27th - 50th Reunion at the Anaheim Hills Country Club, CA
Front Row - Maxine (Mazursky) Young, Sara (Peal) Zaremberg, Sharon (Seaman) Hoffman. 
Back Row
- Dr. Jerry Brodkin, Dennis Flanzer, Roberta Tugenberg, Jerry Vinet, Dr. Richard Snyder, Doug Malewicki, Al Telser, PhD

50th reunion prequel party classmates

Autographed Magnum!

Dr. Rich Snyder brought several magnums of wine!

Oakey's necktie is a MAP of Chicago!

Rich admires Oakey's Chicago tie!

Sara, Oakey & Dr. Rich.

Sara & Dr. Rich

The fabulous reunion cake!  Thank you Sara!

Old habits never die!

Al Telser & Dr. Jerry Brodkin

Denny & Fay Flanzer

Rich & Jerry

Doug & Karen

Jerry & Sharon

Maxine & Oakey

Oakey & Doug

Tugenbergs with Oakey

What a great party!

Jerry & Beth

Al Gopin & Maxine

Doug & Al Telser

Doug & Karen




Rich with Katie Telser




Maxine with Oakey


Sharon & Jerry

Karen & Al

Bobbi & Jerry

Fay & Denny

Jerry & Beth

Mary & Oakey
Sunday brunch at Sara's home - January 28, 2007
The Brodkins, Dowlings, & Doug Malewicki had a yummy Lox & Bagels brunch at Craig & Sara's the next morning to the tune "The parties over."


Another brutal January winter morning in California!

Doug drove his Porsche 914 to Sara's that morning.  He bought it brand new way back in 1972.  Has 423,000 miles on it and no Chicago rust!

Don't forget - the big 50th reunion party is in Lake Forest, Illinois on Sunday July 1!

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50th Reunion Co-Chair Contacts:

Al Telser
1704 Cleveland Street
Evanston, IL 60202
Allen Rosenston
45 Prairie Park Drive, #409
Wheeling, IL 60090
(847) 866-8466 (847) 459-6527