South Shore High School Class of 1957

Saturday December 3, 2005
Mini SSHS57 Reunion Lunch at Walt's Wharf in Seal Beach, California
(The pictures with gold borders are "thumbnails".  Click on them to see a larger version.)

Eight SSHS 1957 alumni & spouses met at Walt's Wharf
A Seal Beach classic seafood restaurant located 2 blocks from the Ocean on Main Street.
Clockwise around the table: Doug and Karen Malewicki, Fay and Denny Flanzer,
Rich and Jacquelyn Snyder, Craig and Sara (Peal) Zaremberg

Congratulations Sara on your 66th on December 2nd!

Fay & Denny Flanzer

Rich & Jacquelyn Snyder

Craig & Sara (Peal) Zaremberg

Doug & Karen Malewicki

Wine connoisseur Dr. Rich Snyder brought two bottles of fine Chardonnay from his collection.

Waitress Madison collects her corkage fees for opening each of Rich's bottles.

Cheesecake and a candle for Sara's Birthday.  Yes we sang to her (twice!).

We also passed her birthday cake around for all to sample!

Denny reminiscing about more of our high school crazy adventures.  Do you remember.....?

Denny, Sara, Craig, Doug & Fay.  An after dinner walk on Seal Beach Pier - all Lit up for Christmas! 

Karen, Sara, Craig, Denny & Fay

Windblown Karen, Sara & Fay against the distant shoreline lights of Long Beach.  With the wind chill factor it was down to a brutal 56 degrees!  Time to head back & get cozy.

50th Reunion?  YES - California alumni will doing a large group dinner in May or June 2007. 


The Master Birthday List!
Namely WHEN we each hit the dreaded Medicare age of 65. 
Can you believe it?

  Southern California Area Alumni Chicago & East Alumni
2004 March 28 Doug Malewicki February 15 Dottie Gordon (Benjamin)
September 4 Dr. Jerry Brodkin February 21 Jerry Penner
September 7 Joel Glabman March 31 Rich Washer
September 21 Dennis Flanzer April 24 Dave Apter
October 7 Dr. Rich Snyder May 11 Al Telser
December 2 Sara Peal (Zaremberg) May 15 Jean Hollman
May 28 Heln Lundgrin
September 9 Muriel Tarson (Strauss)
September 27 Bob Kaufman
December 28* Claire Rabishaw December 28 Bill Poulos

February 14 Ken Solovy Jan 3** Ro Schar (Lebedow)
April 15 Judy Sider (Krauss) Jan 3 Fern Schar (Berger)
April 22 Maxine Mazursky (Young) March 22 Allen Rosenston
May 1 Rich Brown July 12 Heddie Romanoff
July 18 Mark Geller July 30 Sharon Bermon
November 6 Jerry Levine

Happy 65th Birthday to all - past and upcoming (oh so soon!)
*Wow! Claire and Bill are "BIRTHDAY BUDDIES"!
**The twins are 65!
Email Doug to get your name on this dreaded list too!

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