South Shore High School Class of 1957

Thursday July 14, 2005
Mini High School Reunion lunch at Joe's Crab Shack  
in San Diego, California
(The pictures with gold borders are "thumbnails".  Click on them to see a larger version.)

This was  put together on short notice by Bobbie Tugenberg and Maxine Mazurzky (Young) after Doug Malewicki EMailed Bobbie that he would be driving down to San Diego on Thursday for the giant ComicCon convention (Joe's Crab Shack is located right behind the Convention Center.)

Doug's daughter Michelle was the reason Doug came down.  See below.

Bob Tugenberg, Bobbie, & Maxine Mazurzky (Young)

Bobbie, Bob, Max and Doug.  Bob & Doug had a great time - downing two Crab Shack Maragarita specials each.

Dr. Jerry Brodkin and Beth with Bobbie.  Jerry is not even limping after his near death skiing accident last January!  (Jerry now identifies with Evel Knievel for most broken bones.)

Star Wars Storm Troopers come to eat at Joe's Crab Shack too! "Could you please hold my laser gun?"

Doug with Arwen, the lovely 3,000 year old elven maiden from Lord of the Rings who after the fall of Sauron, became a mortal to marry Aragorn, the King.
(should have had her turned sideways to see her cool pointed elven ears).

Somebody is getting an armful!

No comment needed!

My daughter Michelle has become a LOST WORLDS action figure!

Her character is the latest in the LOST WORLD series of fantasy combat books.

Michelle was busy selling and autographing her LOST WORLDS combat books.  She was set up in my old friend, Arizonian Steve Crompton's booth while we had our noon to 2:30 PM fun mini-reunion (and too many Margaritas) at Joe's Crab Shack.

My grand daughter Sierra, age 5, came dressed as sleeping beauty.  She had a lot of fun seeing all these booths and all the adults in comic book character costumes.

Lots more photos - Click on: Mischa at ComicCon

Darth Vader & Sierra. "Hey Mr. Vader, don't even think of messing with my Mom - she is Mischa Redblur the Ultra Sorceress".

Who needs "the FORCE" from STAR Wars?  Mischa has STARbucks POWER & blurring SPEED! 

Princess Leah from Star Wars & Doug

"That senior citizen of earth with Leah having too much fun - think I." 

"Jedi MASTER material, might he be?   No way, Jose - Hopeless he is."

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