South Shore High School Class of 1957

Thursday December 30, 2004
Mini High School Reunion lunch & retirement party for Dr. Rich Snyder at La Golondrina on Olvera Street, Los Angeles, California
plus BODY WORLDS exhibit tour at the California Science Center

(The pictures with gold borders are "thumbnails".  Click on them to see a larger version.)

14 SSHS 1957 alumni's, spouses, relatives and friends met at this historic restaurant.


Olvera Street is the birthplace of Los Angeles. This historic restaurant is located within
the walls of Los Angeles' first brick building (circa 1855-57).

Jacquelyn & Dr. Rich Snyder.  Pathologist Rich joins the group of official SSHS retirees tomorrow.

JoAnne Riss, Solovys, Snyders, Brodkins, Malewickis, Browns

 Suzi & Ken Solovy with daughter JoAnne & husband Adya Riss.

Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin drove the farthest from Encinitas (near San Diego)

Rich and Penny Brown

Doug & Karen Malewicki

Doug's friend Chris and Denise Perkins

Alas sir Richard- Is that a CHICAGO BEARS necktie I see before me? Come let me clutch thee (It's Annan's fault!)

Outside the restaurant festivities

Olvera Street is always crowded with tourists.
Next STOP of the day......

The California Science Center for The Human Body IMax movie and a tour of the Body Worlds exhibit!

What is Body Worlds?
In case you can't tell from the pictures here, it is plastinated real dead bodies.  (Have to look at their web site to understand plastinated.)

Our classmates in the Chicago area will soon have the opportunity to see this amazing educational exhibit!

Feb. 4, 2005
Sept. 5, 2005

at the
Museum of Science and Industry
Chicago, IL 60637

The spinal column and nerve passageways

The Lone Ranger NOT!
Hi Hooo Silver....NOT!

More like THE Skinned Ranger.

Be sure to click on these three pictures.

They are the 800 by 600 pixel free screen savers you can download from the Body Worlds website.

If you go to the Chicago exhibit be sure to ask for those Senior rates! 

Also be sure to rent the the audio devices for touring the exhibit.  Well worth the $2 senior rate.



Ken Solovy's daughter, daredevil JoAnne Riss is riding and balancing a high wire bicycle some 3 stories above the ground (note safety net just in case).


Ken chose to ride the mellower version of the high wire bicycle that uses a giant counterweight for stability (like the keel on a boat). 

He wants to make it to his 65th birthday on Valentines day 2005 - yes - February 14th!

During the last 3 Southern California & Chicago Mini's
we started compiling a master birthday list.
Namely WHEN do we each hit the dreaded Medicare age of 65. 
Can you believe it?


  Southern California Area Alumni Chicago & New York Area Alumni
2004 March 28 Doug Malewicki February 15 Dottie Gordon (Benjamin)
September 4 Dr. Jerry Brodkin February 21 Jerry Penner
September 7 Joel Glabman March 31 Rich Washer
September 21 Dennis Flanzer April 24 Dave Apter
October 7 Dr. Rich Snyder May 11 Al Telser
December 2 Sara Peal (Zaremberg) May 15 Jean Hollman
    May 28 Heln Lundgrin
    September 27 Bob Kaufman
December 28* Claire Rabishaw December 28 Bill Poulos

February 14 Ken Solovy Jan 3** Ro Schar (Lebedow)
April 15 Judy Sider (Krauss) Jan 3 Fern Schar (Berger)
April 22 Maxine Mazursky (Young) July 12 Heddie Romanoff
May 1 Rich Brown July 30 Sharon Bermon
July 18 Mark Geller November 6 Jerry Levine

Happy 65th Birthday to all - past and upcoming (oh so soon!)
*Wow! Claire and Bill are BIRTHDAY BUDDIES!
**The twins hit 65!
Email Doug to get your name on this dreaded list too!

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