South Shore High School Class of 1957

Saturday April 24, 2004
Mini High School Reunion Dinner
at P. F. Chang's restaurant in La Jolla, California
(The pictures with gold borders are "thumbnails".  Click on them to see a larger version.)

Five SSHS 1957 alumni's and spouses met for a fun dinner at P. F. Chang's

La Jolla, California

A toast to South Shore High School class of 1957.

Going around the table: Karey and Allen Rosenston, Dr. Jerry and Beth Brodkin

Fay and Denny Flanzer, Karey & Allen

Sara (Peal) & Craig Zaremberg, Fay & Denny

Karen & Doug Malewicki, Sara & Craig

All the way around...  Jerry & Beth, Karen & Doug

More pictures everybody!

Sorry Doug, you can't drive my 350Z again.  You thrashed the driveshaft racing around last time! Why don't you go ask Denny if you can "test" his new Porsche Boxster S.

Sunday evening dinner at Uno's (Jerry & Beth, Allen & Karey, Denny and Fay).

Why is Jerry on crutches the next evening?  What could have possibly happened?  To find out read below.



More pictures coming soon!


From Jerry on May 1, 2004..............
Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner. This is the first time I've used the computer since my abortive attempt  at flying last Sunday. What a difference a day makes. I never imagined how important a leg was!
Anyway, while trimming a tree in my yard, I started to fall  off the ladder and so I jumped instead figuring a leg was worth less that my my head or back. I don't know it I was right or not. Fractured the left tibia . Very clean hairline break, non-displaced with no muscle or tendon damage. HURTS LIKE HELL! I will need crutches and a fixation boot(same as cast, but removable) for one month and will limp around a few weeks longer than that. I can drive ok and am able to work although the foot really swells by the end of the day. All in all the orthopod said I was lucky. It will heal with no complications and there will be no residual damage or ill effects, except a bad memory. Any trips to L.A. or  Orange County will have to wait until  June, but we will be  coming.

The pictures on the web site were cute, but I didn't recognize any of those old guys.

I'll keep  you informed about the healing process. One piece of advice (free) TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR LEGS---YOU CAN'T WALK VERY WELL WITHOUT THEM.


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